EUREL International Management Cup 2017 

Frequently Asked Questions  

Do I need a background in business administration?

No, the very purpose of the game is to introduce you to the aspects and strategies of business administration.

How can I find a team?

Try to look for team members at your faculty or your university – spread the information about the competition through your acquaintances and fellow students. You may also consider to contact student organisations operating at your univerisity to promote the competition and to help you finding interested students.

Who will I compete with?

This simulation is intended for students and young professionals with an electrical engineering background. Its intention is to get in touch with people like you from our European member countries.

How much time do I have to invest for the game?

During the preliminary round you will need about two hours per week, to take your decisions and to analyse the market. If your team is one of the participants in the final, you will be at the location of the final during 3 full days in Stockholm, Sweden (13-15 September 2017).

By which criteria will the winning teams of the preliminary round be determined?

The share price of your company will depend on your results, and it will be taken as the indicator to select those teams which are invited to the final round of the simulation in Stockholm, Sweden. Your overall goal in the simulation should therefore be to achieve the best performance on the virtual stock market your company is listed on.
Teams from countries which are no members of EUREL may participate in the preliminary round only. Participants having taken part in the final in the past are excluded from participation.

Do I need any tools or software to take part in the game?

Preliminary round:

You only need an internet connection to check the market situation and to transfer your decisions before the end of the week. All documents you need will be sent by us in PDF format.

Final round:

We strongly recommend you to take your own computer with you. We will arrange everything else you need to take part in the final round. Nevertheless, you will be allowed to use your books or whatever else you find suitable to use.  

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at


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