EUREL International Management Cup 2017 

Motivation and Benefits  


Your Benefits

  • take part in a business simulation used for management trainings at Siemens
  • get qualified for the environment you will work in as a potential engineering project manager (you will receive an official participation certificate)
  • get familiar with international business terms
  • give your management qualities a try
  • compete with students and young professionals from other EUREL member associations 
  • take the chance to expand your personal network internationally
  • have a free 3-day-trip to Stockholm, Sweden, for those teams participating in the final of IMC 2017
  • the winning team in the final round will get a prize money:
    The premium for participation in the final is 100,- € per person attending (except winning team).
    The winner´s prize is 200,- € per person attending.


EUREL IMC 2017 Finale will take place in Stockholm, Sweden




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IMC-Team Stockholm
Elias Hachichou
Rickard Klinkert
Johannes Nordkvist
Pouya Peighami 
c/o EUREL General Secretariat
Rue d'Arlon 25
1050 Brussels