EUREL International Management Cup 2017 



After finding your team of two to four fellow engineers and your successful application you will start the simulation. Your team will be the management board of a virtual shareholder company  and you will compete with a set of other teams on the same market.

Your Mission

Choose a strategy to run your company  every week your team will take decisions on investments in production, on your research and product strategy, your financial Management  and even on the dividends you pay to your shareholders. You will learn to decide on these aspects in a step-by-step-manner, and you will always be able to ask our hotline for support in case you run into questions.

Typical Decisions

  • Setting the goals: Market share to achieve, profit, product attributes and quality
  • Strategy: Conservative, expansive, high risk
  • Managing board: How will you organize yourself as a team?
  • Product pricing: At what price will you offer your product in the next period?
  • Investments: Research investments, production machines
  • Running the company: Employments, financial management, production management



Business Years

To get familiar with the simulation and the decision-making, there will be an introductory test round. After the test round, we will start the business simulation. A virtual business-year is a real-time week. Each decision is made for one virtual business year. Therefore, at the end of each week of the preliminary round, you will send your decisions.
The simulation software will compute the market reaction based on these decisions and our coach will send you the results of the performance of your company. Based on your results and on an analysis of the market, your team will make your decisions for the upcoming business year (the next real-time week).

The Overall Goal

Your overall goal during the business simulation should be to achieve the best performance on the stock market where your company is listed on. Your share price will depend on your results and it will be taken as the indicator to select those teams which are invited to the final round of the game in Stockholm, Sweden. 


IMC-Team Stockholm
Elias Hachichou
Rickard Klinkert
Johannes Nordkvist
Pouya Peighami 
c/o EUREL General Secretariat
Rue d'Arlon 25
1050 Brussels