EUREL International Management Cup 2017 

The Competition 

Your team will be the management board of a virtual shareholder company – and you will compete with a set of other national teams on the same market.

Simulation Environment
In the simulation, you will learn in a step-by-step-manner to decide on aspects like

  • product life cycles
  • personnel competence
  • productivity
  • reengineering
  • corporate identity
  • shareholder value-oriented management.

The market reaction to the decisions of your virtual company (and those of your competitors) will then be computed by a simulation software – with each simulation step taking one week and representing one whole business year.

A handbook will give you a systematic introduction to your virtual company, the effects of the decision parameters and the proceedings of the simulation. There will be a hotline support operating two hours on each day of the decision-making weeks.

Online Preliminary Round
The simulation is split into two rounds. The first round will take place online during six weeks. At the end of each week you have to hand in your decisions for the next period. Your goal should be to have the best-performing shareholder company in the market you are competing on. There will be several markets, each with a certain number of teams. The winner teams of each market will be invited to the three-day final round.


The Final
The winner teams of each market will be invited to take part in the three-day final in Stockholm, Sweden, 13 - 15 September 2017. During the final teams from all across Europe will compete directly against each other. The final will take place at the same time and location as the EUREL General Assembly. Therefore, you will have the chance to meet EUREL's representatives from all member associations and take advantage of great networking opportunities.

Hopefully, your team will be one of the winners – and you will enjoy a great time in Stockholm!




IMC-Team Stockholm
Elias Hachichou
Rickard Klinkert
Johannes Nordkvist
Pouya Peighami 
c/o EUREL General Secretariat
Rue d'Arlon 25
1050 Brussels