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EUREL Field Trip Portugal 2019

The annual Field Trip offers students and young engineers from EUREL's member associations the opportunity to get to know the different member countries of EUREL.


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Field Trip 2019 Portugal

OE (Ordem Dos Engenheiros) and EUREL YEP (Young Engineers' Panel) organize this year's Field Trip 2019 to Portugal

  • Period of travel: 22. - 26.08.2019
  • Destination: Portugal
  • Participants: Students and young engineers from EUREL member associations

The Field Trip is limited to a maximum of 30 participants.

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Previous EUREL Field Trips

Flagge Portugal

Field Trip 2019 Portugal

Flagge Portugal

The Portuguese engineers association known as “Ordem dos Engenheiros” (OE) supported by its College of Electrotechnical Engineering and EUREL’s Young Engineers’Panel (YEP) organized 2019’s Field Trip to Portugal.

The group of young engineers had the opportunity to contact various aspects of the electrical industry and some running control systems in Portugal.

It was also an opportunity to develop social and technical relationships between the young members of the Group and the engineers of the companies they have visited.

During the stay, some visits were made to electricity production plants (Alqueva Hydroelectric Power Plant), a Smart Grid System in the city of Évora (INOVGRID, from the local electric distribution company) and the Medium Voltage Storage facilities to support Évora region MT Distribution Grid. Two control centres were visited: railway control system and a shared bicycle Lisbon network operational centre.

A research complex owned by a important European manufacturer of electrical systems was visited, where young engineers can understand some aspects of home automation, security and artificial intelligence solutions.

Complementing the technical visits, the young engineers visited the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation Museum where, for around 3 hours, they were guided into the extraordinary collections of classical and modern art, as well as an approach to the architecture of the building.

Field Trip contributed to strengthen personal ties between participants and allowed contact with the technical and cultural reality of the urban area of Lisbon and the southern region of Portugal. 


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Blick auf Jerusalem, Israel

Field Trip 2017 Israel

Blick auf Jerusalem, Israel

SEEEI (The Society of Electrical and Electronics Engineers in Israel) and EUREL's Young Engineers' Panel (YEP) organized the Field Trip to Israel in 2017.

To get an insight of the activities and experience during the trip, have a look at the official report as well as at the exciting blog of one of the participants and his peers!

The EUREL Field Trip offered the opportunity to meet with decision makers of Israel's energy and electrical industry, to study the limitations of an isolated and young energy market, and to learn about the impact of Natural Gas fields discovery.

The EUREL Field Trip included among others a Technology Tour (Programme) to conventional and renewable power generation facilities, and gave a glimpse of the many historical sites of the Holy Land.

The Field Trip included a visit to Eilat, Israel’s southernmost city at the northern tip of the Red Sea, and provided the opportunity to take part in Electricity 2017, the annual convention of SEEEI. Participants of the EUREL Field Trip also presented posters during the convention.

Furthermore, the students and young engineers took actively part in the International Panel (which was co-organized by EUREL YEP) and had the opportunity to network with Israeli students and the young engineers forum. At the International Panel it was discussed how global trends will influence and change the energy sector. The main topic was “The struggle of digital transformation in established industries - fusion of formerly unrelated industry branches”.

For more insights, have a look at the report and the impressive blog of one of the participants!


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Field Trip 2016 Slovenia


The Electrotechnical Association of Slovenia - young (youngEZS) and EUREL's Young Engineers' Panel (YEP) organized 2016's Field Trip to Slovenia. 

During the Field Trip students and young engineers were able to get to know Slovenian perspectives on electrical engineering. The trip offered the opportunity to get to know Slovenia and its capital Ljubjlana. 

It was a great chance to establish new contacts across all EUREL member associations and encouraged international exchange and intercultural communication between the participants and hosts.

The excursions during the Field Trip included among others visits of the Milan Vidmar Electric Power Research Institute, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of Ljubljana, the Technical Museum of Slovenia as well as the city centre of Ljubljana and Kranj.

The Field Trip offered the participants the opportunity to interact with electrotechnical professionals, young professionals and students. At the same time it was a great chance to get to know Slovenian culture and customs.


Team Field Trip Slovenia 2016
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Field Trip 2015 Romania

youngSIR - Logo

The Society of Power Engineers in Romania (SIER) - Tineret (organisation for young engineers within SIER) and EUREL's Young Engineers' Panel (YEP) organized 2015's Field Trip to Romania.
The Field Trip pursued the objective to get to know electrical engineering in Romania and to expand the European network for students and young engineers. The trip did not only offer the opportunity to get to know the urban regions of Bucharest and Constanta, but also gave a chance to establish new contacts to people from all over the EUREL member associations. Furthermore, it encouraged international exchange and intercultural communication.

Taking into account EUREL's mission, the content focused on technical issues. Given the cooperation with SIER-Tineret it was possible to organise the Field Trip around the main topic of power engineering.

Among others four power engineering companies were visited as well as the House of Parliament in Romania's capital and the historical centre of Bucharest. There was also a trip to the Black Sea. 

The Field Trip offered the participants the opportunity to interact with energy professionals, young professionals and students. At the same time it was a great chance to get to know Romania, its culture and customs. 


Team Field Trip Romania 2015
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