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EUREL International Management Cup


EUREL Secretary General

The EUREL International Management Cup is a strategic business simulation for students and young professionals of Electrical Engineering. It is a simulation used in management trainings at Siemens and covers all the areas of managing a corporation, like procurement, production, HR, R&D, marketing and sales. Step by step, you will learn how to decide on aspects like product life cycle, personal competence, production cost management, reengineering, corporate identity, share price, rating, as well as shareholder value-oriented management.


  • The team application has to be handed in at latest by Friday 18 June 2021.
  • The preliminary round will take place from 03 July to 02 August 2021 online.
  • The final round of the International Management Cup IMC 2021 will take place from Wednesday 29 September to Friday 1 October 2021 online.

All you want to know

The Competition

Your team will be the management board of a virtual shareholder company – and you will compete with a set of other national teams on the same market.

Simulation Environment

In the simulation, you will learn in a step-by-step-manner to decide on aspects like

  • product life cycles
  • personnel competence
  • productivity
  • reengineering
  • corporate identity
  • shareholder value-oriented management.

The market reaction to the decisions of your virtual company (and those of your competitors) will then be computed by a simulation software – with each simulation step taking one week and representing one whole business year.

A handbook will give you a systematic introduction to your virtual company, the effects of the decision parameters and the proceedings of the simulation. There will be a hotline support operating two hours on each day of the decision-making weeks.

Online Preliminary Round

The simulation is split into two rounds. The first round takes place online during six weeks. At the end of each week you have to hand in your decisions for the next period. Your goal should be to have the best-performing shareholder company in the market you are competing on. There are several markets, each with a certain number of teams. The winner teams of each market are invited to the three-day final round.

The Final

The winner teams of each market were invited to take part in the three-day final of the EUREL hosting country. During the final teams from all across Europe compete directly against each other. The final takes place at the same time and location as the EUREL General Assembly. Therefore, you have the chance to meet EUREL's representatives from all member associations and take advantage of great networking opportunities. This year, unfortunately the final will take place online.

What is your task?

After finding your team of two to four fellow engineers and your successful application you will start the simulation. Your team will be the management board of a virtual shareholder company – and you will compete with a set of other teams on the same market.

Your Mission

Choose a strategy to run your company – every week your team will take decisions on investments in production, on your research and product strategy, your financial Management – and even on the dividends you pay to your shareholders. You will learn to decide on these aspects in a step-by-step-manner, and you will always be able to ask our hotline for support in case you run into questions.

Typical Decisions

  • Setting the goals: Market share to achieve, profit, product attributes and quality
  • Strategy: Conservative, expansive, high risk
  • Managing board: How will you organize yourself as a team?
  • Product pricing: At what price will you offer your product in the next period?
  • Investments: Research investments, production machines
  • Running the company: Employments, financial management, production management

Business Years

To get familiar with the simulation and the decision-making, there will be an introductory test round. After the test round, we will start the business simulation. A virtual business-year is a real-time week. Each decision is made for one virtual business year. Therefore, at the end of each week of the preliminary round, you will send your decisions.

The simulation software will compute the market reaction based on these decisions and our coach will send you the results of the performance of your company. Based on your results and on an analysis of the market, your team will make your decisions for the upcoming business year (the next real-time week).

The Overall Goal

Your overall goal during the business simulation should be to achieve the best performance on the stock market where your company is listed on. Your share price will depend on your results and it will be taken as the indicator to select those teams which are invited to the final round of the game (each year in another city).

Why participate?

Your Benefits

  • Take part in a business simulation used for management trainings at Siemens
  • Get qualified for the environment you will work in as a potential engineering project manager (you will receive an official participation certificate)
  • Get familiar with international business terms
  • Give your management qualities a try
  • Compete with students and young professionals from other EUREL member associations
  • Take the chance to expand your personal network internationally
  • There is a prize money for the teams in the final round:
  • The premium for participating in the final is 100,- € per person attending.
  • The winning team receives a prize money of 200,- € per person attending.

How to apply?

Form your team

First thing you need to do is to complete your team. A team can consists of 2 to 4 people. The simulation is intended for students, graduates and young professionals with electrical background (for example: Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Power Engineering, Telecommunications, Automation, Electrotechnical Engineering, Electromechanical Engineering, Cybernetics and similar) of EUREL member associations. That gives you a clue where to look for the members of your team.

Please note:

Participants having taken part in the final in the past are excluded from participation.
Teams from countries which are not members of EUREL may participate only in the preliminary round.


Please send your application mail to by latest 18 June 2021

The application should state your motivation and provide us with the information on your team (e.g. name of team members, e-mail adresses, mobile phone number, motivation statement, age, EUREL member association).

The personal information we ask for is strictly protected and will not be used for any other purpose but to run this game. After you have registered, you will receive a confirmation email. Right before the start of the introductory test round, you will then receive the contact information of our coach and all the required game instructions.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a background in business administration?

No, the very purpose of the game is to introduce you to the aspects and strategies of business administration.

How can I find a team?

Try to look for team members at your faculty or your university – spread the information about the competition through your acquaintances and fellow students. You may also consider to contact student organisations operating at your univerisity to promote the competition and to help you finding interested students.

Who will I compete with?

This simulation is intended for students and young professionals with an electrical engineering background. Its intention is to get in touch with people like you from our European member countries.

How much time do I have to invest for the game?

During the preliminary round you will need about two hours per week, to take your decisions and to analyse the market. If your team is one of the participants in the final, you will be at the location of the final during 3 full days.

By which criteria will the winning teams of the preliminary round be determined?

The share price of your company will depend on your results, and it will be taken as the indicator to select those teams which are invited to the final round of the simulation. Your overall goal in the simulation should therefore be to achieve the best performance on the virtual stock market your company is listed on.

Teams from countries which are no members of EUREL may participate in the preliminary round only . Participants having taken part in the final in the past are excluded from participation.

Do I need any tools or software to take part in the game?

Preliminary round: 

You only need an internet connection to check the market situation and to transfer your decisions before the end of the week. All documents you need will be sent by us in PDF format.

Final round:

We strongly recommend you to take your own computer with you. We will arrange everything else you need to take part in the final round. Nevertheless, you will be allowed to use your books or whatever else you find suitable to use.

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