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EUREL Task Forces

EUREL establishes Task Forces to deal with different topics. These working groups consist of international experts who work together to tackle important challenges.
Currently, a Task Force regarding Energy Transition is in the process of finishing its work and publishing the findings.
The Task Force Power Vision 2040 successfully completed its study. It approaches the future power supply in Europe.


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Energy Storage

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The Task Force Energy Storage deals with the topic of the role of energy storage in future power systems on a European level.

Energy Transition for Europe

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Germany’s "Energiewende" and the current EU energy policy

  • Thread for its neighbours?
  • Thread for the European grid stability?
  • Thread for Europeans global competition position?
  • In terms of energy will Europe be a beggar in the future?
  • Could a project like an European "Energiewende" give Europe a competition advantage in the future?
  • Is the harmonisation of energy policy in Europe needed?

Power Vision 2040 (completed)

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EUREL set up its first task force of experts from various European countries to work on the challenge of a future European electrical power supply system. The system should be robust enough to secure the power supply for the next decades. In particular the task force answers questions such as

  • Are we on the right track with the European Commission energy goals for 2020?
    20% increase of energy efficiency
    20% decrease of CO2 emissions
    20% share of renewables for the electrical power production
  • What is politically achievable?
  • What is technically achievable?
  • What is acceptable for the public?
  • How do realistic scenarios for 2040 look like?
  • What are reasonable technical solutions for the future European electrical power supply?

For an overview of the scope of work see under Downloads + Links.

The team was set up of experts from Austria, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland and Switzerland.

The study was published in 2012 and can be downloaded:

Electrical Power Vision 2040 Study Short Version

Study Short Version

Publishing date: 2017-11-28
PDF: 3.6 MB
Electrical Power Vision 2040 Study Short Version

Study Full Version

Publishing date: 2017-11-28
PDF: 7.7 MB