The Convention of National Associations of Electrical Engineers of Europe.

EUREL is a non profit organization founded in Switzerland in 1972 with its headquarter in Brussels (Belgium) composed of 10 national associations in 10 countries in greater Europe.

Its objectives are to facilitate the exchange of information and to foster a wider dissemination of scientific, technical and related knowledge relevant to electrical engineering as well as standardization in the field of electrical engineering. In this way EUREL contributes to the advancement of scientific and technical knowledge for the benefit of both, the profession and the public it serves.

Among other aspects, EUREL also addresses the issues resulting from the current shortage of ICT engineers (which is expected to reach an alarming level within the next years) by engaging with students and young professionals.


EUREL Secretary General

Advantages for Associations

EUREL is an umbrella association, hence allowing only associations (non profit organizations) to become a member.

Membership in EUREL offers a number of advantages such as:

  • Being part of a network of multiple national associations of electrical engineers in Greater Europe;
  • Enhanced cooperation between EUREL members;
  • Help in the promotion of science, technology, and  engineering at European level;
  • Fostering and assisting the next generation of engineers in the field of electrotechnologies;
  • Giving the opportunity to sponsor and/or participate in conferences of all member associations;
  • Supporting the organisation of quality conferences by its member associations offering a European perspective;
  • Contact with relevant stakeholders in the European Commission and the European Parliament;
  • Access to the facilities of the General Secretariat’s office in Brussels.

EUREL Officers 2021/22

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