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EUREL Committees

EUREL Secretary General

We. Network. Cross-border: Europe needs future.  

EUREL, as the European umbrella organizations for Electrical, Electronics and Information Technology Engineers, strives continuously to exchange ideas with experts and European stakeholders on pioneering technology topics that move Europe. 

Committees emerge within the EUREL Associations as indispensable pillars that underpin cohesion, cooperation, and collective efficacy. It is important that in between of cultural, economic, and political diversity, the Committees serve as vital platforms for dialogue, collaboration, and consensus-building. EUREL stands for elucidating their role in strengthening unity, promoting solidarity, and advancing the shared objectives of peace, prosperity, and progress. 

EUREL Committees mission is: 

  • Tackling important issues and working on hot topics from around the globe, figuring out what are the next trends and steps for the energy industry and what will the future be like?
  • Developing workshops or events to raise awareness, build capacity, or engage experts on relevant topics
  • Facilitating collaboration and networking opportunities to leverage resources and expertise
  • Building an international network by providing access to approachable international experts

EUREL has created two Committees:

If you are interested in knowing more about the EUREL Committees or if you are interested in joining them, please do not hesitate to contact EUREL at eurel@eurel.org. 

Events for our Committees

News will be announced soon.