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EUREL Young Engineers' Panel (YEP)

As part of EUREL a working group called “Young Engineers' Panel” (YEP) is established to represent the interests of students and young professionals in Europe. YEP has contact points within each EUREL Member association to liaise with their students and young professional networks.



YEP mission is to :

  • Coordinate the activities of students and young professionals in EUREL;
  • Support the improvement of a multinational network for EUREL stakeholders;
  • Gather and exchange scientific, technical and other relevant information among students and young professionals working in the field of electrical engineering or related fields.

Every year YEP organizes events for students and young professionals in the electrotechnical engineering field to inform them on the evolution on topics of interest and make them knowledgeable on the impact of European policy for their industry; as well as create opportunities for networking.

The two most important events are the Young Engineer Seminar (YES) and the International Management Cup (IMC). Besides that YEP also organizes the EUREL Field Trip.

If you are interested in knowing more about YEP or if you are interested in attending one of its events or in joining them, please do not hesitate to contact YEP:

Annual EUREL events