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EUREL Committee on Women in Technology

EUREL Secretary General

Brilliance kows no bounds and potential knows no limits. Imagine a world where embedded teams would have parity, how divers ideas we’d be open to exchange and how much innovation we could drive. If we want to decisively counter the shortage of skilled workers and empower women in the energy sector in many areas in Europe, we must use all resources! EUREL has created the Committee on Women in Technology to connect and get ideas with and from inspirational women in key positions, academia and innovation to propel the journey forward. 

What does the Committee stand for?

  • Acknowledging women remarkable achievements, challenges, and opportunities in the engery industry, management and leadership areas
  • Recognizing the importance of diversity and encouraging actions for the inclusion
  • Creating an engaging platform to bring together distinguished and inspiring women in Energy 
  • Diversity fuels creativity, fosters resilience, and drives innovation

What are the goals of the Committee?

  • Tackling important issues from and working on hot topics from around the globe, figuring out what are the next trends and steps for the energy industry and what will the future be like?
  • Providing access to approachable international experts and role models to establish an international network
  • Building a forum, where women can develop their skills, knowledge, careers, self-confidence by learning from each other to reach their goals
  • Demonstrating the contribution and influence of womens unique insights and experiences to empower communities 

You want to know what EUREL has achieved so far? Check out our eMeet-Ups from 2023, based on our Women Forum with high-level speakers from around the globe, an engaging platform to discuss current topics that move the world and to future projects: