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EUREL PhD Best Paper Award

EUREL Secretary General
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To all currently active and accomplished PhD students in the fields of Electrical, Electronic, and Information Technology Engineering! Your tireless dedication and groundbreaking research deserve the spotlight. It's time to make your mark and inspire others with your outstanding scientific achievements. Don't miss out on this incredible chance to showcase your contributions to the forefront of innovation and excellence in the realm of scholarly exploration. Let your work shine and pave the way for a brighter future in research!

Apply now for the new and prestigious EUREL PhD Best Paper Award by submitting your recently published paper! 

Relevance of the contribution - What are the criteria?

  • The scientific quality
  • The contribution of the PhD student
  • The seniority of the student will also be taken into account
  • You must be the first author of the paper and a member in one of the national engineering associations forming EUREL
  • The candidate must either be an active PhD student or the date, the doctorate/PhD was granted must not be earlier than one year ago (referring to the submission deadline).

Material - What is required?

  • Short CV (one page)
  • List of publications (distinguishing between journal and conference publications)
  • Recommendation letter of the adviser highlighting your original contribution to the submitted paper (particularly distinguishing their contribution from that of the co-authors)


  • Up to three prizes will be awarded (1st 500€, 2nd 300€ and 3rd 200€)
  • Optionally awarded at EUREL Future Technology Summit (2.-4. September, Brussels) 

To participate complete an Excel File according the Layout-Form with your application data and send it, together with your CV, the list of publications, the recommendation letter, and your article (if not available online) via email to eurel@eurel.org using the subject “PhD Award 2024” by April 20, 2024.