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Celebrating EUREL 50th anniversary

50 years ago EUREL was founded in Switzerland as the “Convention of National Societies of Electrical Engineers of Western Europe” with the aim to connect electrical engineering association and join forces to inform and position the issues dear to our sector in the European political arena.

EUREL Secretary General

We will be celebrating this milestone in Lisbon (Portugal) on 29 September, the evening before our General Assembly.
EUREL is currently modernizing its way of working to best fit the challenges of the digital and fast paced world. Links between the Member Associations have grown strong over the decades, and more than a community, it feels like a family.

EUREL General Secretariat would like to thank all its Member Associations and officers for the hard work and valuable contribution over the years. We are looking forward to continuing working together for our common goals. Voice are being raised for an “All electric society”, which means that we still have opportunities but also challenges ahead. Electrical engineering is more relevant than ever!