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Become a member

EUREL is an umbrella association, hence allowing only associations (non profit organizations) to become a member.

Why becoming a Member Association of EUREL?

Membership in EUREL offers a number of benefits such as:

  • Being part of a network of multiple national associations of electrical engineers in Greater Europe;
  • Enhanced cooperation between EUREL members;
  • Help in the promotion of science, technology, and  engineering at European level;
  • Fostering and assisting the next generation of engineers in the field of electrotechnologies;
  • Giving the opportunity to sponsor and/or participate in conferences of all member associations;
  • Supporting the organisation of quality conferences by its member associations offering a European perspective;
  • Contact with relevant stakeholders in the European Commission and the European Parliament;
  • Access to the facilities of the General Secretariat’s office in Brussels.

How to apply to become a EUREL Member Association ?

If your association wants to apply to become a EUREL Member Association, in accordance to the Article 6 of EUREL Statutes on the Application for Membership the process is:

  1. Send a written request for application to the EUREL Secretary General (EUREL General Secretariat, Square de Meeûs 35, 1000 Brussels, Belgium) is necessary. This declaration needs to be sent by post with an original signature;
  2. Send in parallel your request by e-mail in PDF format to eurel@eurel.org in order to start a EUREL internal process as soon as possible;
  3. Once the Secretary General has received the written request for application, the EUREL Executive Committee (ExCo) will be informed. The application will be analysed to check whether the association complies to the EUREL prerequisites for becoming a EUREL Member Association;
  4. The ExCo prepares a recommendation for the General Assembly;
  5. The General Assembly, as the most powerful body of EUREL, is finally responsible for deciding on the admission in a final step.