2023-10-20 TOP

General Assembly 2023 in Ljubljana

End of September, the yearly General Assembly of EUREL was held in the beautiful city of Ljubljana in Slovenia, chaired by the 2022/2023 President Prof. Dr Ferdinand Gubina, long-time President of EZS - The Electrotechnical Association of Slovenia.

EUREL Secretary General

The General Assembly provided a platform for in-depth discussions among the EUREL member associations, aimed at charting a new course for EUREL. Several pivotal decisions were made, foremost among them an amendment to the Statutes was passed. The modification extended the organization's name to "Convention of National Associations of Electrical, Electronic and Information Technology Engineers of Europe," symbolizing EUREL's evolving identity.

Furthermore, the organization has set its sights on the creation of thematic committees, including those devoted to Digital and Artificial Intelligence, Mobility, a Women's Forum, and the Young Engineers Panel. The targeted empowerment of female engineers in industry is an important step towards gender equality and diversity in the engineering world. Another noteworthy achievement at the General Assembly was the realization of a significant milestone in EUREL’s ongoing modernization efforts. This accomplishment underscores our unwavering commitment to enhance and optimize our systems, aligning them with the dynamic demands of the modern world. As was evidenced at the European Future Technology Summit 2023 in Brussels, our Young Engineers exhibit passion, dedication, and an inspiring future. As such, nurturing these promising talents remains a primary focus of EUREL, marked by a revamped Young Engineers Panel (YEP).

Moreover, the General Assembly saw the re-election of the Executive Committee for an additional two-year term. The new elected Executive Committee includes Markus B. Jaeger, VDE Global Head of Political Affairs, Markus Burger, CEO of Electrosuisse, Peter Reichel, Secretary General of OVE and newly elected Arkadiusz Jurczakiewicz, Member of the General Board SEP in Poland, Jorge Lica, Vice-President at Ordem dos Engenheiros and Jan Danielsson, ExCo-Chairman (SER).

The new ExCo elected the new Board of Directors with Markus B. Jaeger (VDE), Markus Burger (Electrosuisse) and Arkadiusz Jurczakiewicz (SEP) with Markus B. Jaeger (VDE) as Chairman of Board of Directors to 2025.

Another topic to highlight is the election of Emil Koifman, President, and co-founder of SEEEI – Society of Electrical and Electronics Engineers in Israel, as the new EUREL President-Elect. Notably, this marks the first time in EUREL's 50-year history that the President-Elect hails from Israel. Emil Koifman will assume the office of EUREL President in the autumn of 2024, succeeding Prof. Dr. Bernhard Jakoby, Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Austrian Electrotechnical Association (OVE).

Prof. Dr. Bernhard Jakoby, Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Austrian Electrotechnical Association (OVE), was already elected at the EUREL General Assembly in Lisbon last year, and since of October 1st, 2023, takes over the office of EUREL President for one-year.

EUREL extends its heartfelt gratitude to the Electrotechnical Association of Slovenia (EZS) for their outstanding hospitality and the unforgettable time in their beautiful country. Your kindness and professionalism made the stay memorable for all attendees.